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Nefeli Kentoni (b.1998, Cyprus) is a London based director, writer and visual artist, currently navigating herself and creative practice in an ever-changing world. She is fascinated by the intersections between different disciplines, by the spaces where scenography and philosophy, aesthetics and theatre, filmmaking and poetry meet. The theatrical and cinematic form have been the platform in which she negotiates and experiments the gaps between language and image, the implicit exertions that sustain the performer-viewer relationship, and the performativity of space.

Nefeli presented her work in Prague Quadrennial, Tate Modern, Barbican Centre, NiMac, and the Alternative Cinema Film Festival of Cyprus. She was Writer in Residency at the Tate Exchange, and part of the Young Visual Arts Group at the Barbican. Her short film FRAGILITY OF LANGUAGE won the Screendance Short Film Competition at the Leeds International Film Festival.




2020-2022                   MA Performance Design & Practice                      Central Saint Martins, UAL

                                      Nominated for the MullenLowe NOVA Awards.


2017-2020                BA Drama, Applied Theatre & Education:                   Royal Central School of
                                                Writing for Performance                                       Speech and Drama




2022:  KATABASIS minor – Writer/Director – Theatrical production for the Images & Views of Alternative Cinema                                                                                            Film Festival.

2022: Beyond the Stage – Dramaturgy/Text– Auiovisual Performance conducted by Manos Stratis at Museu de                                                                                              les Ciéncies, Valencia.

2022: Chaos – Set & Costume Designer – Theatre Production directed by Maya Kyriazi.

2022:  KATABASIS – Writer/Director – Theatrical production at the Platform Theatre, Central Saint Martins

2022:  If I Ever Get Around to Living – Performer – Devised movement performance directed by Ken Nakajima

2021:  Liminal – Writer/Director/Editor – Video Performance commissioned by Dance House Limassol

                                                                          for the Platform Festival.

2021:  An Adaptation – Writer/Performer – Video Performance commissioned by the Freiraum Festival.


2021:  Psycho-ish – Camera Operator – Remake of the film Psycho staged as a live cinematic performance.


2021:  A Difficult Uncomfortable Place to Die in – Co-creator/Performer – Central Saint Martins UAL

2021:  A short Life – Co-creator/Performer – Central Saint Martins UAL

2020:  A Real £100 Performance – Writer/Performer – a Zoom Performance commissioned for the launch  of the

                                                                                                           Platform Journal.

2020: Pigeonne, Paloma, Piccione – Scenographer/Co-Writer/Performer – a devised performance.

2020: ‘Untitles’ – Writer/Director/Performer – a site specific performance at the Tate Modern, London.

2019: Fragility of L – Writer/Scenographer/Performer – a solo performance.

2018: Into the Blue – Performer – a devised performance toured in the UK.


2016: Little Prince – Composer/Assistant Director/Scenographer – Musical


2015: Alice in Wonderland – Composer – Musical


2015: Hourse d’oeuvre – Composer – for the International film festival Moving Silence.


2014: Cycle – Composer – for the International film festival Moving Silence.


2014: Orpheus & Eurydice V.02 – Writer/Composer/Performer – for the Nicosia Youth Arts Festival


2022: Age of Many Posts- curated by Abbas Zahedi at the Barbican Centre.

2022: Re: Repair- at the Barbican Centre.

2022: Lillian Sear Edition of Darts and Shafts - online exhibition.. 

2021: Regenerate - online exhibition of the Barbican Young Visual Arts Group 

2021: Seeking Roots - group exhibition at NiMAC [Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre]

2019: Emergence at the Prague Quadrennial

2019: Living Heritage/Reframing Memory – pop-up installation at the V&A


2012: Trans-generations -group exhibitions at Artos Foundation, curated by M. Papacharalambous & E. Tselika


2020-22: Barbican Young Visual Arts Group

2021: Remote Sensing with Seta Astreou Karides for the Yard Residency at Centre of Performing Arts MITOS

2019: Writer in Residence at Tate Exchange/Tate Modern, London

2018-2019: Emergence organized by the Prague Quadrennial focusing on performance design and European                       Heritage. 2 week workshops in Norway, Cyprus and the UK.


2022: Η «Κατάβασις» της Νεφέλης Κεντώνη by Eleni Papadopoulou

2021: A Post-Memory; To Reflect on the Forgotten article by Nefeli Kentoni for ASCENDING

2021: Review of Fragility of Language and Seeking Roots Exhibition  by Rony Junior El Deccache.

2020: Fragility of Language poem published in This Unreal Country

2018: Published photos for HUCK X Vans: How to Make it in Photography


2022: Katabasis

2020: “A real £100 performance”

2020: The Wall of Babel

2019: Untitles

2018: ‘T’


2021: Liminal

2021: HIRAETH Capsule Collection

2020: Fragility of Language

2020: UnT(h)amed

2020: Mal de Mer

2020: T

2018: Ena Psari Mono Psaxni

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