For the Re:Repair exhibition at the Barbican Centre.

Το[πύον] / the pus / landscape

Approaching repair with ambivalence. Understanding that sometimes the damage cannot be undone, but to nonetheless acknowledge it, recognize it, attempt it. A landscape transformed from a mine - to a wound - to a red lake. A landscape oozing underground water. A landscape transformed to a wet grave – to another wound – and now, to a map. A landscape oozing. Repair the unrepairable. An old trauma superimposing a new trauma. A map from the '60s superimposing google maps – what it was/what it is. Remembering as an attempt to repair – not letting the wounds be forgotten. Pus, the body’s response to an infection – the landscape’s attempt at healing. Scab, a reminder that here was/is an open wound; scratching it until there is no more blood, until there can be no more blood. 

Screenprinting on paper 84.1 x 118.8 cm.