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Pigeonne, Paloma, Piccion

London 2020


'A writer writes about love. Writes about two people in love. Writes about falling in love with writing. Writes about falling out of love with writing. You were there, you have seen this all already. You just didn’t know it.'

A devised performance exploring the creative process; the artist becomes the lover and the artwork the loved one. The audience follows the artist in her endeavour to create, as she falls - in love - and observes the final split between her and the artwork, observes the liberation of the two. The artist refuses the synthesis. The artist refuses the dialectical conclusion. The artist and the artwork remain suspended in time.


"A note from the Artist 


Studies show that eating four onions a day will make you a better artist.

These studies, however, do not say for how long you are supposed to eat four onions a day.

I am currently on my 243rd day.

I am still not a better artist."


"We are in my room… My bedroom. On a stage. On this stage. "


"Because creating is puking butterflies in a bucket at 12 o'clock at night.

Because creating is like falling in love.

I am falling, fell; 

We just fell in love together.

The best thing about it all is that none of it is original, you can’t say anything original about love."


Theatricality happens perpendicular to time.


"Lover A shows her tied tongue.

Lover B shows her tongue.

Lover A shows her boobs.

Lover B her vagina.

Lover A her curled toes.

Lover B blushes.

Lover A blushes.

Lover B shows her love by writing over her memory.

Lover A forgets her memory.

Lover B forgets.

Lover A gives Lover B her watch.

Lover B breaks Lover A’s watch.

Lover A breaks her leg.

Lover B breaks.

Lover A pieces her back together

Lover B blushes."


"There are so many words I wrote and am writing that you won't hear. 

Deleted and being deleted, all lost in the sheets. "


"Was this the climax?

Did we miss it?"


Text: Nefeli Kentoni & Krista Mathews
Director: Krista Mathews
Movement Director: Kayleigh Doyle
Dramaturg: Lauren Phillips
Scenographer: Nefeli Kentoni

Performers: Lauren Phillips, Kayleigh Doyle & Nefeli Kentoni

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