Katabasis is an hour-long theatrical performance, a decent to the underworld, a meditation on human transience, an attempt to counter the weight of the world through lightness. The stage becomes a flexible space for experimentations, Bodies experience different types of death, landscapes are being constructed and then deconstructed – the world is being fragmented, stretched - created again, again, and again.

Bodies within a procession follow a tour guide, and pass through the five rivers of Hades. In Styx, a body jealous of the Mountain’s eternal nature, blasts it – and with it himself, the Body fragments into Bodies. In Cocytus, a Woman cries in a desert and gradually decomposes, until a tree starts growing between her thighs. In Phlegethon, the stage becomes a ruin again and again, where the last two survivors fight for a place in History. In Lethe, a Memory is begging the audience to not forget her. And in Acheron, Bodies try to organize the world/the stage, try to deconstruct themselves, to become undone – to forever become.













Nefeli Kentoni


Pablo Temboury,

Santi Guillamon,

Fatima Rodriguez,

Archie Redford

Gaia de Buchy

Noemi Gunea

Costume Design:

Ting Huang

Costume Production:

Minghao Hou


Nefeli Kentoni & Veronika Hadjistefanou

Knit design: 

Veronika Hadjistefanou

Music composition:

Manos Stratis 

Sound Design & Mixing:

Evagoras Bekiaris

Artistic Collaborator - Outside eye:

Seta Astreou Karides


Justin Atkins