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Three women eat their tongue. The tongue is flesh; it is a part of them, it makes them who they are. The women fight. It is a battlefield. There is no winner. You are the viewer. You are not passive. You are invited to join this party. You are invited to eat your tongue.

An allegory on the fragile memory of languages; specifically, the Greek Cypriot dialect.​


Commissioned by NiMAC (Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre) for the exhibition Seeking Roots curated by Ioulita Toumazi.


Winner of Screendance Short Film Competition at Leeds International Film Festival 2022.

Laurel2022 WINNNER_edited_edited.png



Music Composition: 

Nefeli Kentoni

Emmelia Georgiou,

Maria Masonou,

Melina Koutsofta

Manos Stratis

Leeds International Film Festival Jury Statement for Fragility of Language:

Fragility of Language playfully merges text and moving-image while recalling the historical lineage of dance film in silent movies. Funny, fresh and unusual, it reflects on the interdependence of language, cultural identity and memory, making a strong statement about disappearing oral traditions and the lack of freedom of speech and expression. It further raises awareness about (in visible forms of imperialism, censorship and forced silence, and it invites us to reflect on the status of women in contemporary society. With minimal means and framed by a well-crafted music composition, it is a thought-provoking work that leaves a lasting impact on the viewer.

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