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'Farewell' is Nefeli’s contribution to the collaborative film “(Re)Constructing History” 


In dialogue with Carrie Mae Weems' work, the film was made by a group of Young Creatives and multidisciplinary artist, Sandi Hudson-Francis.

After a series of intimate discussions, the group were drawn to the idea of reconstructing and recontextualising narratives, unearthing personal stories of migration to the UK, and renegotiating how these feed into individual and collective understandings of identity.

The discussions have been brought to life in film with public and personal archival materials, newly created images, and redacted texts, reappropriating and remoulding them to reflect the multidimensionality of personal stories and colonial legacies.


Commissioned by the Barbican Centre for Carrie Mae Weem's first major UK Exhbition.

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